niedziela, 16 grudnia 2012

Chopper from wood saw

I've just finished this project. Recycling in knifemaking :) Here is the result

niedziela, 9 grudnia 2012

Sugar maple scandi

Another simple knife. High carbon steel , sugar maple , fibra and nickel silver. I enjoyed making this pictures too becouse it was a good reason to take a walk to frozen forest :)

piątek, 7 grudnia 2012

Fat red nessmuk

5 mm high carbon steel from big saw, red padouk wood - this is reciepe for a fat nessmuk knife :)
With flint this is everything I need in the forest :)

Amboina scandi

Small but handy forest companion. Amboina with nickel silver and high carbon steel.

Oak scandi

Piece of steel with piece of oak. Well, with a little bit of my work :)

Antler scandi knife

Very usefull knife made from high carbon steel. On handle - deer antler, fibra, nickel silver and tatajuba wood. It is my favourite style in knifemaking lately

3 bushcraft companions

One day I went to my workshp with no idea what to do. After few hours these 3 knives were grinded. Once again knives made from scraps of high carbon tool steel. Handles - paduk (red) , wenge (dark) and olive (bright).

2 bushies

Friend asked me to make him 2 knives, one for him and 2nd for his brother. So here they are.

Green gang - Ork and Goblin

2 knives made from spring steel with green micarta. It was a fun to make them.

Black chopper

Hello :) This time something bigger - great for chopping.

How to make a knife using very basic tools

I created this movie for beginers and I  hope someone will watch it :)

Another small forest bandits :)

I just love this shape ... So I just created 3 more :) As always high carbon steel  and wood :)

Burl hunter

Another forged high carbon steel forest companion.  Stablilized birch burl on handle.

Green bushcraft

High carbon steel and green micarta - my vision of universal bushcraft knife.

Wenge hunting knife

Simple and good looking high carbon steel knife. Handle made from wenge wood , fibra and nickel silver.  Take a look.

Sugar maple nessmuk

I forged another trapper knife and also I filmed whole process. I hope you like it.

Scrapyard knives

What will happen when we take old rusty spring steel and paracord ? Please watch movie and pictures :)

środa, 4 kwietnia 2012

2 skandi knives

I love a simple shapes of skandinavian knives . That is why I am making them so often. These 2 little pals were made for a friend. What do You think about them?